Our story

Founded by a doctor and an IBS patient

Many people with IBS tell us it rules their lives. So we created Zemedy to give patients control over their own health.

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There’s no easy solution to irritable bowels

But here at Zemedy, we believe there are better ways to manage IBS than just a diet or medication.

IBS symptoms are closely related to mental wellbeing. Our cognitive programme and practical management tips combine to help you soothe your IBS symptoms.

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10-week CBT programme

Throughout the programme we’ll be introducing you to specialist CBT techniques that will help you manage your symptoms and stress

Relaxation practices

Just like if you were seeing a CBT therapist, you’ll be given 'homework' after each session. These come in the form of ‘Practices’, such as relaxation activities or goal setting.

Gut-focused hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy exercises were designed by Professor Whorwell, the leading clinician in this field. His dulcet tones will lull your gut into a state of deep relaxation.

Flare mode

Flare mode is designed to deliver quick relaxation exercises and tips for when you need it the most.

We'll tackle it together bit by bit

You'll build up to new things with each session so taking on IBS doesn't feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve built in your very own IBS coach, Elle!

Zemedy’s IBS Experts

We've got a team of doctors and scientists who have spent their careers studying and creating cognitive and digital therapy

Professor Newton Howard

Professor of Neuroscience

University of Oxford

Professor Peter Whorwell

Professor of Medicine & Gastroenterology

University of Manchester

Helen Burton-Murray

Clinical & Research Fellow

Mass Gen Hospital

Professor Claudia Witt

Director of Medicine

University of Zurich

Dr Annie Lau

Senior Research Fellow

Macquarie University

Dr Melissa Hunt

Associate Director of Clinical Training

University of Pennsylvania

We’re committed to providing you with

A personal touch

Our product is built around you and your needs. We provide personal solutions to a personal problem.


Zemedy was created by leading IBS experts, which means the programme is science and data-driven (and used by the NHS)


IBS can come on suddenly and urgently. Thats why we made Zemedy accessible at any time and wherever you are.

Our promise

We understand the complicated relationship between IBS and healthcare, so we designed Zemedy as a way to lift the daily burden of your health.

We promise to always provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date IBS information.

Our products will always be centred around you and your needs. Everything we do is carefully crafted around the IBS experience.

We'll never stop trying to improve. So if you have a suggestion on what we could be doing better or what you’d like to see more of, please contact us.